Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 19 – Thorson Goes Golfing…Sort of…

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Thorson sat back and smiled.  He had just read an email from Bertha, and he couldn’t help but feel proud of his friend.

He had seen her performance in The Disaster, and so he knew that she could act, but he was still immensely proud of her for getting so close to having another lead roll.  Sure, she still had to beat out two other girls for the part, but that hardly mattered.  Even if she didn’t get the part, he still had a very talented friend!

The only part of the email that worried him was that she had said she was going to be very busy for the next while in preparing for the call-back audition…and if she landed the part, she could remain busy for months!  Bertha assured him that she’d still email and Skype with him, but probably not nearly as often.  That was somewhat troubling, but he figured that if he was going to fall for an actress, he better get used to her schedule.


“Knock Knock!”

Thorson looked up from his computer screen to see his dad standing in his doorway, “I’m thinking of going to play a round of racket-golf.  Want to join me?”  Racket-golf was his dad’s favourite sport…also his dad’s invention.  It was basically like golf, but instead of using golf clubs to hit the ball around the course, the player was armed with a tennis, badminton, and ping-pong racket.  The tennis racket was for “drives”, the badminton for mid-range, and the ping-pong for “putting”.  His dad had already been banned from 4 different golf-courses, and had destroyed numerous pieces of sporting equipment, but he still persisted in playing.  He insisted to anyone that would listen that it was only a matter of time before Racket-Golf became an Olympic sport.

“Sure!…but can I use a baseball bat instead?”

“Weeeellllll,” his dad said, “that sounds rather unorthodox, but I guess it might be OK…”  They both laughed and headed to the closest golf-course that hadn’t already kicked them out.

Thorson wanted to tell his dad all about Bertha’s exciting news, and a round of Racket…and BAT golf sounded like the ideal way to go.


Father and son had a good talk, and a lot of fun…although they still had three holes to go when security caught up with them and told that they shouldn’t bother coming back to that particular course.

When they got home, Thorson’s mom asked how the game had gone, and his dad said, “We were fairly evenly matched.  I got two birdies, but Thorson managed to score a duck!”  Mrs. The Third just raised one eyebrow and went back to preparing supper.  She wasn’t even going to ask about her husband’s scoring system.

–to be continued~~ click here for part 20


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