Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 18 – The Call Back

for part 1, click here

After closing the Skype connection with Thord, Bertha sat back and smiled.  The fact that Thorson had been dreaming about her seemed to indicate that he wanted more than a mere friendship with her, and that was just fine with Bertha!  Just like Thorson had done, Bertha practically floated out of her room.

Her mom already knew about Thorson…it would have been pretty difficult for Bertha to hide the contents of the one and only fan-letter she had ever received…if anything, that would have made her mom more suspicious than just showing her the letter, so Bertha was quite willing to share the details of her conversation with Thord.

Her mom smiled, and then said, “I have a surprise for you!”  Then she pulled an envelope out from behind her back and handed it to Bertha.  Based on the fact that she had done nothing but moon over Thorson for the last month or so, she just assumed that it would be from him, so she was quite disappointed when she saw that it wasn’t.  However, as she scanned the contents of the letter, her jaw dropped…and then her smile returned.

The letter was a call-back audition for a film with the working title of “Bruce and Juliette”.  When she had first auditioned for the part of Juliette Caesar, she had been one of over a hundred girls trying out for the same part.  This letter explained to her that she was one of the top 3 candidates, so she now had a one in three chance of being in another movie.

She was amused by the basic premise of this movie…Juliette Caesar was the daughter of Julius Caesar, and madly in love with a boy named Bruce…son of Brutus.  This film was to be a comedic re-working of the Julius Caesar play, with a bit of Romeo and Juliette thrown in…but in this film, the young lovers would find a way of stopping the murder of Caesar, and was to have a happy ending.  Bertha wasn’t a huge fan of tragedies.  She figured that this film had a pretty good chance of appealing to more than just the indi crowd.  All she had to do now was to do better in the call-back than her two competitors!

~~~to be continued~~~ (part 19 is here)

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