Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 15

Part 15 (click here for part 1)

…The third thing that stuck Thorson was that, despite the blemish, Bertha was still by far the most beautiful girl that he had ever laid eyes on.  He had not seen even a picture of her since watching The Disaster, so seeing her image…LIVE!!…on his computer screen was almost overwhelming…despite the fact that his call had been pre-arranged.

So far, the call had lasted a total of 3 seconds, neither of them had spoken a word yet, and already he thought that his heart had stopped beating.

At second number four, Bertha smiled, then said “Hi!”  And then, to his horror, Thorson realized that his face was turning red.  A smile and a word, and he was blushing like some love-sick fool.  OK, he was a love-sick fool, but he hardly wanted Bertha to know that…at least not yet!

When Bertha saw that Thorson’s face had flushed…she giggled.  She didn’t mean to…she couldn’t help it!  That one escaped giggle caused her enough embarrassment that she, too, turned red.  In fact, with her flushed face, her freckles became practically invisible.

Their mutual embarrassment acted as a bit of an ice-breaker for them.  The conversation was awkward and stilted at first…just like most conversations between young teenagers who are infatuated with each other.  However, as the conversation continued, and they turned to topics that interested both of them, the conversation flowed more and more easily.

All too soon, though, Thorson had to say goodnight, as it was Sunday evening, and he knew that he had school the next day.  But before terminating the connection, they made another Skype date for the following Saturday…with the promise that they’d both remember the time difference this time!

~~to be continued~~ (part 16 is here)

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