Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 14 – Butterflies and Time Zones

part 14 (but if you want to start at part 1, click here)

When Thorson logged on to his email account, he was happy to see that there was another email from Bertha.  Actually, he wasn’t too surprised, as they had been emailing back and forth almost every day for the last few weeks.  This email was short.  It was so short that she could have sent it by twitter if she had wanted to.  In fact, it was only three words long, but those three words were enough to awaken an entire kaleidoscope of butterflies in his stomach.  The email, in its entirety, read “Do you Skype?”


A few more emails were needed for Thorson to confirm that, yes, he did Skype…and then to arrange a time.  Actually, they had to arrange a time twice because on the first call, scheduled for Saturday at 7pm, neither took into account that they lived in different time zones.  Both felt like they had been stood-up, and both were hurt, until Bertha slapped herself on the forehead at 11pm, saying to herself…”he called, but I missed it, because he’s a few hours ahead of me!”  It was too late to do anything about it that night, as he was likely sound asleep, but she sent an email and apologized for missing his call and explained how she had forgotten about the time difference, then she wrote, “how about tomorrow at the same time…YOUR time!!  I’ll make sure I’m here!  Email me if that doesn’t work.”


On Sunday morning, Thorson checked his email.  He laughed with relief when he saw what Bertha had written.  He promptly wrote back, “Yes!!  That will work!  Talk to you tonight!  :-)”


Bertha and Thorson would have likely spent the entire day trying to figure out what to wear so that they would look as good as possible…except that they had already done that the previous day in preparation for the missed call.  It was because they both thought that they were prepared that Bertha missed something…something so obvious that any teenager should have caught it.


When the call finally came, Thorson was struck, once again, with how beautiful Bertha was…and then struck even harder by the sight of the MASSIVE pimple, smack-dab in the middle of Bertha’s forehead.

~~to be continued~~ part 15 is here


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