Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 13 – A Lot of Differences

(part 1 can be found here)

Thorson and Bertha continued to email back and forth.  They talked about some of their favourite cheesy movies.  Thorson’s favourite was the Canadian made movie Metal Shifters, and Bertha’s was My Super Ex-Girlfriend.  They learned that neither had yet seen the other’s favourite, so both promised to seek out and watch these movies.

They discussed the things that they liked and disliked about school.  Thorson was surprised to learn that Bertha hated any class at her school that had to do with drama…until he realized that she was in a completely different league from her classmates when it came to acting ability, and she found that drama classes at her school were “dumbed down” too much for her.  She loved learning about literature as well as history, but wasn’t a fan of science or math classes.  Thorson, although he enjoyed reading, wasn’t so much a fan of studying literature, and his science and math classes were where he thrived.  Bertha enjoyed playing most sports (when she had the time), but unlike a lot of the other guys that Bertha knew, Thorson didn’t enjoy playing sports, or even taking phys.ed. classes.  He told her that he was tall for his age, and that his feet seemed to constantly get in the way…so he dreaded having to prove himself athletically.

When it came to music, Bertha liked primarily country…especially the more “traditional” artists like Willie Nelson and  Linda Ronstadt , but she also listened to numerous other styles of music as well.  Thorson also had eclectic taste, but gravitated more towards jazz artists like Pat Metheny and Chick Corea.

Yes, they both enjoyed the same things on the screen (whether big or small), but they seemed to be opposites in almost every other way.  For many young teens, these differences might have driven a wedge between them, but Bertha and Thorson were willing to look past their differences…in fact, Bertha started listening to just a little bit more jazz, and Thorson added a few country tunes to his iTunes library.  Thorson told Bertha that jazz banjoist Bela Fleck also played some bluegrass.  Bertha decided to check it out, and found that she really enjoyed it.

Thorson had high hopes for their relationship.  The only problem was that they lived so far away from each other, and although they had started quite a lively email correspondence, they had never actually spoken together, and so Thorson was starting to wonder how things could possibly progress from where they were.

~~to be continued~~ (part 14)