Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 11

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When Thorson opened his email account, he was hoping to see something from Bertha.  He wasn’t disappointed.  He read her letter a few times, and savoured every word…trying to remember exactly what her voice sounded like as he read her letter.  She had signed off with “Your Friend (?)”.  The question mark spoke volumes to Thorson, as it told him that Bertha, like him, wanted a friendship but didn’t know exactly how the other felt.  It was good to know that she wanted to be his  friend too!  Sure, he hoped for even more…eventually…but a friendship was probably a good place to start!

He was also delighted to see that she seemed to like the same kinds of movies and TV shows as he did too.  He couldn’t resist writing an email to Bertha that contained the following:

Hey Bertha!

Thanks for your letter!

Looks like we like the same kinds of movies and TV shows.  By the way, while The Disaster might have been cheesy, you were great!

Bertha, you said that your parents saddled you with a horrible name.   Later on, you talked about the show Corner Gas.  I thought it was kind of funny that you mentioned both of these things in one letter.  Did you notice that the real name of the main character of CG is “Brent Butt”?  Bertha Gertrude is quite nice, actually…especially if you consider having a last name like “Butt”!…of course, the alliteration of Bertha Butt would have some comedic value (by the way, I’m not trying to be rude here…I wouldn’t want to be “Thorson Butt” either!  Brent seems to do OK with it though!)

On the topic of CG…yeah, pretty much everyone in SK (short for Saskatchewan) likes CG…it sits someplace between religion and law…in fact, I know of one person from SK who didn’t like the show.  She was kicked out of the country!  Last I heard, she was living someplace in South America.  OK, I made part of that up…she didn’t really get kicked out of the country, but she IS living in South America now…maybe it really is because she was so anxious to get away from CG reruns!

Speaking of horrible names…I don’t suppose you’ve paid attention to mine?  Really…THORSON THORKELSON?  Having a last name like THE THIRD makes it even worse.  When I tell people my name, they usually assume that I have a lisp.  My mom named me after a character from a comic book she wanted to write.  Thank goodness that she never completed it!  Then people would think I was a REAL nutjob.

I really enjoyed getting your email.  When you signed off, you said “your friend” and then followed that by a “?”.  You can take away the question mark…I’d really like to be friends!

Your friend (!!)


Thorson sent the letter.  He hadn’t felt this good in…he didn’t know how long.  It almost felt like he had a girlfriend.  Maybe not quite that yet…but he did know that the girl he had just written was definitely his friend!

~~to be continued~~ (part 12)

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