Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 10 – Bertha’s eMail to Thorson

part one can be found here.

Once she finally had Thorson’s email address, Bertha wasted no time in sitting down and writing a response to the letter that she had received from Thorson

Hi Thorson…or Thord (by the way, which do you prefer?)

Sorry that I haven’t told you more about myself yet.  Besides those few Twitter messages, I guess I’ve been a lousy writer.  By the way, thank you so much for your letter!  It meant a lot to me.  Believe it or not, yours is the only piece of mail that I’ve received from a fan so far!  I’m not actually sure if fan is the right word…somehow, I think that we’re going to be more friends than actress and fan…at least I hope so!

You asked how many movies I’ve been in.  Actually, The Disaster was the first!  I’m really hoping it’s not the last, but I’m not exactly an established actress yet.  I’ve done a fair bit of acting in plays and musicals in the Washington State area, and I’ve auditioned for tons of movies, but nobody seemed interested in me…mostly because of the hideous name that my parents saddled me with (by the way, I hope that you don’t mind being friends with a Bertha.  I’m really not sure what my parents were thinking when they named me.  They claim that they really like the name, but I sometimes wonder if they were smoking something while watching some movie set in East Germany or something when they came up with the name…sorry, I’ll stop complaining about my name now…or you’ll probably think I”m a nutcase.

When I’m not acting, I enjoy getting together with my friends for sodas, playing games, and watching movies.  My friends and I get a kick out of low budget films…especially if they’re a bit cheesy…which is a bit ironic, considering The Disaster wasn’t supposed to be cheesy, but my friends all tell me it was a bit…hope you didn’t mind that too much!  I like some “good” movies too…like The Princess Bride and So I Married an Axe Murderer.  Yeah, romantic comedies are probably my favorites,

I’m not planning any trips to Canada any time soon…unless maybe into British Columbia…it’s pretty close to Washington…but maybe sometime.  I’ve heard that there are some movies and shows made in your state…um, I guess you call them provinces up there, don’t you?  I’ve even watched the show Corner Gas a few times…it’s hilarious!

Anyway…hope you like this letter, and feel free to write any time!  Let me know if you are ever coming to the Washington area!

Your friend (?)

Bertha Gertrude

Bertha hit send, logged off, and whispered a silent prayer that Thorson wouldn’t find her letter stupid.

~~to be continued~~ (PART 11)