Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 8 – Twitter

if you want to read the whole story, the beginning  is here

Bertha hadn’t seen her friend Samantha for far too long.  From the time that she had started working on The Disaster, she hadn’t had the luxury of spending time with her friends.  Now that she was between films (hopefully between films…there was always the risk that she wouldn’t land any more roles), she was more than happy to hang out with her friends…of whom Samantha was one of her best.  Best of all, Samantha said that she was buying!

The two of them had a great time catching up.  Samantha told Bertha about her new boyfriend, and Bertha told Samantha about the fun, the struggles, the satisfaction, and all the other emotions that she had gone through in acting in The Disaster.  She also told Samantha about the one piece of fan-mail that she had received.  She even showed her the picture of Thorson.

“Not the best looking guy I’ve ever seen,” said Samantha, “but he does look friendly enough.  With that goofy grin, I bet he knows how to have fun!”

“Yeah.  It probably sounds silly to say this, but seeing as how he’s the only guy to ever send me fan-mail…and he seems so nice, I kinda wonder what he would be like as…you know…”

“What?  A pen pal?  Or…a boyfriend?”  The color that appeared in Bertha’s face confirmed that the second of these options was what she was thinking.

“Are you kidding?” asked Samantha…he lives up in Canada for Pete’s sake.  By the way…have you sent him a return letter?

“Um, no…not yet, but I did send him a message on twitter.

“Oh?  What did you say?”

“I asked him how he’s doing.”

“WHAT??  You didn’t answer any of his questions?…you didn’t ask him anything about himself other than ‘how are you?’.  You might as well have said, ‘it rained here today.’  He’s probably wanting a bit more than what you gave him.”

“Crap!  My one and only fan, and he probably thinks I”m a stuck up snob!  What should I do?”

“Get his email address…tell him a bit about yourself.”

Bertha felt pretty silly about her rather superficial tweet to Thorson, but she was determined to do something about that.  It was pretty late by the time that she got home, so her mom told her that she’d have to wait until the next day before writing any letters.  So she had to content herself with doing a quick twitter check.  She saw that Thorson had asked her how she was doing…but she realized his simple response was probably her own fault.  She was tired, so she wrote a simple tweet for her friends: “Sam took me out for #Coke and #icecream today.”


The next time that Thorson logged on to twitter, he was immediately jealous…even though he knew he had no right to be.  His worst fears had just been confirmed…Bertha had a boyfriend named “Sam”.

~~to be continued~~  part 9 is here