Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 7 – Thorson Wonders What it Means

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It had been about a week since Thorson had sent the letter to Blue Parakeet Pictures in the hopes that Bertha would get it.  He knew it would take a while for the letter to get to Washington, but that didn’t make him any less impatient.  He knew that he probably had his hopes way too high, but that didn’t prevent him from hoping and imagining.

He had had a bit of a rough day at school.  Normally a pretty good student, he knew he had probably flunked the math test he had just taken…who could study when he was hoping to get a response from HER?  When he arrived home, he opened up his laptop so that he could tweet about how horrible the math test had gone.  Once he had sent his tweets and read the last 50 or so tweets sent by his friends and the other people he followed, he clicked the “connect” button at the top…just in case.  He was rather surprised to see a message from someone who had the twitter handle “bertie_gertie”.  The message simply said, “how’s it going?”  The name sounded as if it should ring a bell, but for some reason, he just couldn’t place it…until he clicked to see the mystery person’s profile and saw that the bio read, “independent film actress…bearer of horrible name.”  Bertie Gertie was short for Bertha Gertrude!  She had followed him AND sent a message!  But couldn’t she have said more?  Maybe she was just following him to be polite.  She probably had a rather full schedule…she probably didn’t have time to spend on some guy she didn’t know.  Then a horrible thought struck him…”she’s so pretty, she probably already has a boyfriend.”

Then again, she wouldn’t have had to even respond.  He wasn’t sure what he should do…should he send her a response?  Should he wait for more from her?  He just wished that he knew what Bertha had meant by her rather simple “how’s it going?”  Was it an invitation?  Or was it a polite way of ignoring him.  He would have much rather have seen, “thanks for the letter…can I be your girlfriend?”  OK, he knew that was a ridiculous thing to hope for, but she could have given him a bit more.

Finally, he decided on sending her a direct message.  He simply said, “hey!  Good!  How are you?”  If she was just wanting to brush him off, she probably wouldn’t respond…but if there was any hope…oh PLEASE let her respond!

~~to be continued~~ (part 8 is here)