Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 4 – Thorson Seeks His Dad’s Advice

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By the time the movie was over, Thorson left the theater armed with what he hoped was enough information to track down the girl that he just had to meet…and eventually marry.  He knew her name:  Bertha Gertrude VonEngle.  He knew the name of the group that had created the film: Blue Parakeet Pictures.  He also knew where the company was located:  Whela Whela, Washington.*  The biggest problem that Thorson could see was that he lived in Canada…in the small town of Armpit, Saskatchewan.**

How was he going to get to Whela Whela when he lived about 1450 kms (900 miles) away, was too young to drive, and relied on his parents for everything…He finally concluded that his parents were probably the key…yeah, they were his parents and everything, but maybe they could be cool about this…not likely, but maybe

Thorson wasn’t exactly sure how to best approach the topic, so he decided that the direct approach would probably be the best.

“Hey Dad!” he shouted as he came into the house.  Jonathon Johnson The Third (Thorson’s dad) glanced up from the jigsaw puzzle that he was doing and said, “Watcha want?  While you’re talking, you can help me figure out this puzzle…all the pieces are green.”  Thorson glanced at the puzzle and noticed that yes, as usual, all the pieces of his dad’s puzzle were all the exact same shade of green.

“Of course they’re all green stupid…if you were a normal person, you’d turn the pieces all right side up instead of upside down.”  His dad laughed at the playful exchange…the two of them were constantly trading insults, even though they both loved and respected each other deeply.  Mr. The Third had been a jigsaw puzzle fanatic for decades, but found that they were no longer challenging enough if he could see the pictures, so quite some time ago, he had started to assemble the puzzles upside down, only flipping it over when the puzzle was completed.  Thorson had recently heard about a puzzle company that made puzzles where all the pieces were the identical shape, so every piece connected to every other piece.  He planned to find one of these puzzles for his dad for his next birthday…that should keep him going for a while!

“Um…Dad…I’m in love.

That got his dad’s attention…”who’s the lucky girl?”

“Her name is…um…Bertha Gertrude VonEngle.”

“Weeellllll….that’s a pretty name you don’t hear every day!”

Thorson could see that his dad was having trouble hiding a smile…and he had to admit that Bertha didn’t have the nicest name he had ever heard…”But she’s BEAUTIFUL…and she’s got the voice of an angel!

“OK.  Well, then, bring her over for supper…how about on Saturday?”

“Um…that’s the hard part.  We’ve never actually met.  She’s an actress.  I saw her in the movie I went to see this morning.  She lives in Washington.”

“I suppose that might make things a bit difficult for you.  Long distance relationships can be challenging…even for people who know each other.  She doesn’t know you…heck…she doesn’t even know of you…”  His dad started laughing and then continued…”and you call me stupid.”

Thorson knew his dad was just teasing him, yet it still hurt.  He did his best not to show it.  “But what can I do about it?”

“I suppose,” said his dad, “that writing her a letter might not hurt…”

letter…now that wasn’t a bad idea…but what should he write??

~~to be continued~~  (part 5 is here)

*blogger’s note:  Whela Whela is fictitious – any resemblance to Walla Walla is strictly coincidental.

**blogger’s note:  Yes, Saskatchewan is a real place – in fact it’s where the writer of this blog lives.  Unless you are from Canada, or from the US states of Montana or North Dakota, you’ll probably never pronounce it right, no matter how hard you try).  The town of Armpit is fictitious – although Saskatchewan does have towns with names like Eyebrow and Elbow.