Our New Smart Phone

Yesterday, I posted on my facebook page the following status update:  “I would have never guessed that THAT company made smart phones…and at such an AFFORDABLE price! AND it does EVERYTHING that we want it to do!”

It’s true.  Yesterday we bought a smart-phone from a company not normally associated with the telecommunications industry.  And we couldn’t be happier with it!  Although slightly larger than an iPhone, it’s also WAY less expensive.  In fact, this phone cost us a grand total of $15.00 plus tax.  No Strings Attached!!  You can’t possibly beat a $15 smart-phone!

So who is this mystery company?  And what are all the things that it does?

It’s made by a company called Fisher-Price, and the amazing thing that it does is keep our 20 month old son entertained.  And the BEST feature of this smart-phone?  NO ANNOYING PHONE CALLS!!


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