Wild Geese…and My Adventures Today in Chasing Them.

Yeah, I know...these are DUCKS, not geese.

This morning at work, I was checking my emails, when I noticed one that had been forwarded to me by my wife.  The originating email had come from the registrar of the Scouts group with which I work.  Every 3 years, volunteers in our organization have to go to the police station and fill out form (or as I like to put it, we need to ask, “Am I a criminal?”)  This email was reminding me that I was due for my PRC (police records check), and would I please get it to her by Monday.

Oops.  I had completely forgotten about getting my PRC done.  Today is Friday, and Monday is a holiday in my province, so I knew that getting the PRC done on Monday would not be happening.

So I asked my boss if I could take an extended lunch-break to find out if I am a criminal.  My boss also wanted to know if he’s working with a psychopath (although he was polite enough to not say that), so he quickly agreed that my request would be possible.

When I was originally told to get a PRC done, I was given a letter from Scouts Canada stating that I am a volunteer with their organization. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the letter with me.  It was in our car…but I had taken the other car to work.  My wife goes out on Friday mornings, but is usually home by noon, so I decided to make the 20 minute drive to my home to retrieve the letter, drive 10 minutes to the police station, and then 30 minutes back to work…plus whatever time it took at the police station…needless to say, I’d be going over my 1/2 hr time-slot for lunch

About 3 blocks from home, I had a horrific thought:  “What if my wife is out?”  I knew that if she had gone out for lunch with friends, the car (and therefore the letter from Scouts Canada) would not be home.  Sure enough, I pulled into our condo parking lot to see a vacant spot where the car should have been.  20 minutes wasted.

My wife and I rarely used our cell-phones, so a couple of years ago, we got rid of them altogether, so I had no way of knowing where she was, but I took a guess that she might still be at the Bible study she had been at that morning, so I made the 15 minute drive to the church.  No car.   A total of 35 minutes wasted.

Perhaps, I thought, I can get the PRC done without the letter.  So off to the police station I went…another 10 minute drive or so.  I went up to the Criminal Records department, grabbed a form and filled it out (about 5 minutes), then was told to sit outside until my turn to see the officer.  The wait was only about 5 minutes long, but it was still a wait.  55 minutes wasted.

My chat with the officer didn’t last long.  She looked at the form I handed her and she said, “Oh!  You’re with Scouts?  Do you have a letter?”  I told her that, no, the letter was in a car with my wife…somewhere.  She explained that the letter would cut the costs of having the record check done…and this cost reduction would be worth my time in bringing in the letter.  So she asked me to come back with the letter, on Tuesday.  60 minutes gone.

So I made the half-hour drive back to work…90 minutes wasted in all…and I hadn’t even eaten!  Needless to say, I’ll be late in handing in my PRC.


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