10 Reasons Writer’s Block Sucks

Nothing hampers a writer’s ability to write more than writer’s block.  I’ve been stewing for the last couple of days over what to write for my post…and finally I have it:  10 reasons that writer’s block sucks.

1.  Writer’s block leads to death.  Think about it!  When is the last time that Shakespeare wrote anything?  When did Cervantes or Plato or Dickens last have a work published?  All of these writers stopped writing, and all of them are dead.  (There are some that speculate that death caused their writer’s block, and not the other way around…I’d ask them, but, well…)

2.  Usually, writer’s block does not make for good reading…unless the writer turns this verbal blockage into list like this one.

3.  If you write for money (which I fortunately don’t), it doesn’t provide much of an income (nobody sends cheques to Shakespeare anymore).

4.  It causes me to have nothing to say for this point.

5.  Sometimes it causes a writer to repeat things.

6.  It sounds bad – Doctor:  “I’m sorry, but we’ve diagnosed you with WB”.  Me: “What’s WB?”  Doctor:  “Writer’s Block”.  Me:  Is that like an arterial block?  Is it likely to be fatal?”  Doctor:  “No.  And yes.  Respectively.  Shakespeare had nothing wrong with his arteries, but he’s still dead.”

7.  Jell-O

8.  A writer suffering from writer’s block often can’t stay focused on one topic.

9.  Did you know that there are 464 definitions for the English word “set”?

10.  Sometimes it causes a writer to repeat things.


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