10 Facts About Spaghetti that May (Or May Not) Surprise You.

Disclaimer – this is not Wikipedia, so not all of my facts are necessarily factual.

1.  Spaghetti is long.

2.  Skill is required to eat it without getting ketchup on your shirt (unless you don’t eat it with ketchup).

3.  It is rarely served as a topping on ice-cream

4.  It is named after the Roman emperor Spag Etti

5.  It tastes good with cheese.

6.  In it’s uncooked form, it could poke out an eye.

7.  Jell-O (number 7 must ALWAYS be Jell-O)

8.  In the movie “Elf”, Buddy likes to eat it with syrup.

9.  If spaghetti is cooked to a point where it is still somewhat chewy, it is considered to be “al dente”.  This was named after the man who perfected this method of cooking:  Alexander Dentessissimo (it was shortened to al dente for obvious reasons)

10.  This article will most likely never be included as a reference in a doctoral thesis on spaghetti.


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