The Time-Traveller

Ben Schnitzelkopf had been dabbling in science for about 20 years before he made the discovery.  He was what most people would refer to as a mad scientist…not because he stole corpses from the graveyard or anything like that…it was just that he had some mild anger-management issues.

It was a Thursday afternoon when he made the discovery.  Some mathematical equations he had been working on for the last number of months finally started to make some sense.  He discovered that there was indeed a way of bending the very fabric of time and space.  In short, he discovered that time travel was possible!

Of course, he used his discovery for the good of mankind…or at least the good of himself.  He went back in time and purchased shares in proven companies, back when those companies were selling their shares for mere pennies.

Later on, in a desire to help out more people than himself, he went back to prevent certain events from happening…such as reality TV and Justin Bieber learning to sing.

Later on, he decided to do even more important things, such as making sure that 9-11 didn’t happen for starters.

One day, Ben decided to go back to prevent the Second World War.  Unfortunately, he didn’t put the date in correctly and went a bit further back in time than he had planned and was eaten by a T-Rex.

The End


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