I didn’t realize i was THAT tired – part 2

Nobody can deny that a new-born can be the cause of a great deal of sleep deprivation in the parents of said baby.  However, cuteness sure makes up for a lot!  Each night when our baby wakes up and politely requests (loudly screams) to be fed, I groggily, but very willingly get up so that I can help out with the feeding and changing of our precious little guy.

We have found that it is necessary to give him part of his feed via bottle.  The hassle with bottle-feeding is that everything is supposed to be super clean.  To help us along these lines, we purchased a microwave sterilizer unit.  Put clean bottles in, add a bit of water, and 6 minutes later, those bottles are sterilized.

A few days ago, in another moment of sleep deprived brilliance, I accidentally discovered what happens if you run the sterilizer through the microwave without putting in the water…

 …the bottle now has a slight leak!


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