Top 10 TV Show Pitches That Failed

Here are some TV show ideas that, had they actually been pitched, would have surely failed…

10)  America’s Got Dandruff – a reality TV show dealing with correcting problems with the contestants’ hair

9)  So You Think You Can Yodel – another reality show.  The title is self-explanatory

8)  Sesame Street Gangs – Ernie and Bert join rival gangs in this children’s series.

7)  Hell’s Laundry – Gordon Ramsay curses and swears at contestants who madly attempt to clean stained clothing.

6)  Extreme Makeover:  Houseplant Edition – a heart-warming series about the joy of interior vegetation

5)  Criminal Mimes – street performers carry out dastardly crimes while remaining completely silent.

4)  The Exchange Rate is Right – contestants must guess the correct current exchange values of one random world currency to another.

3)  The Flanders – a spin-off of The Simpsons, this show highlights the bungling antics of Ned Flanders and his two boys, Rod and Todd

2)  Law and Order: Parking Enforcement – a thrill a minute as the series’ heroes write tickets for illegally parked vehicles.

And the all time best failed TV pitch:

1)  CSI: Lancaster County – Detectives in a small Pennsylvania community solve crimes using the latest in Amish technology.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 TV Show Pitches That Failed

  1. #2 makes me think of the Simpsons spoof – Law and Order: Elevator Inspector’s Unit.

    And I’m not so sure about #8… I feel like if you pitched it to Adult Swim, they might take you up on that one 😉

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