i didn’t realize i was THAT tired!

Thirteen days ago, I welcomed my 3rd child into the world.  I am now the proud father of 3 boys, aged 8, “4 and 11/12ths”, and 13 days.

One thing about having a new baby in the house is that nights are no longer long enough.  He sleeps well enough, but he also needs to eat about every 4 hours (and that’s 4 hours from the start of one feed until the start of the next, and he often spends about 1 hour eating.  That means my wife and I get our sleep in blocks of about 3 hours at a time.  We’re quite willing to put up with this, because we realized that: a) this is only temporary, and b) the kid is awfully  loveable, and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep him healthy!

On the down-side, of course, is that we are a bit more tired LOT more tired than we would like to be.  Getting up in the morning is a bit of a chore, and when we get the chance, we’ll always take a nap (which is never long enough either).

After taking a nap this afternoon, there were a few groceries that we needed, so I put on my footwear and took off for the local grocery store.  I bought the things that we needed, and then went to the gas station to put fuel in the car and get ice-capps for my wife and myself.

After completing what I needed to do, I got home, stepped out of the car, looked down, and realized…

I wonder how many of my fellow shoppers got a good chuckle out of my sleep-deprived inspired choice of footwear!


2 thoughts on “i didn’t realize i was THAT tired!

  1. We have so much more in common now Bryan! (I don’t think I realized how long you’ve been blogging. Impressive!)

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