Would You Like McApathy With That?

I went through the drive-thru of a local fast-food restaurant this weekend.  To protect the reputation of the chain, I have changed the name of the place.  Let’s just call it, “McRonald’s”  (I may also refer to them by the pseudonym of “Yellow Arches”).

At some point between placing my order and receiving it, an error occurred, and I did not get all of what I had ordered.  I completely understand that Mistakes Happen.  Goodness knows, I’ve made my own fair share of them myself!  If you make a mistake, you dust yourself off, correct the mistake, and move on.

When I brought the error to the McEmployee at the window however, he greeted me with the following words of wisdom:

“It’s Not My Fault!”

Wow.  Here was a McKid who is so insecure that he doesnt’ know how to fix a mistake, or more likely doesn’t really want to.  Blame was never my intention when I asked for my order to be corrected.  In business, you don’t pass the blame to someone else.  You suck it up, fix the error, and if necessary, you confront the person who made the mistake – but not in front of the customer.

 It’s sad to see how much of society has adopted the “It’s Not My Fault” mentality.  It’s easier to blame somebody else than it is to fix even the simplest of problems.  Customer service is increasingly a thing of the past.

But good customer service is just the tip of the iceberg.  McApathy has extended far beyond the kid in the drive-thru window.  You might say that today’s knights in shining armour are more concerned with how they look, and less worried about the poor damsels in distress (let the damsels fend for themselves – it’s NOT MY FAULT that they’re in trouble!)

If you don’t believe me, watch the news.  See how many crimes are committed in full view of a crowd – and how seldom anyone from that crowd will step up and do something about it.

So…If you see somebody getting mugged, make sure you get your cell-phone ready (no, not to press the buttons with 9 and 1 on them…but to take a picture.  It’s not YOUR fault that gramps is getting beat to a pulp by some street thug!

Normally, I try to make this blog humourous.  Today, I suspect it might be less humourous, and more offensive.  Are you offended?  If you are, it’s not my fault!


One thought on “Would You Like McApathy With That?

  1. So true on many levels. I agree that customer service is going the way of the dodo bird. And responsibility on an individual and corporate level are even scarcer. Great post.

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