Writer’s Block

I like to post something that is at least somewhat funny here on occasion.  I’ve been going through a bit of a dry-spell though.  I tried posting something a week or so back…a few people read it, but the more I thought about it, the less I liked that post, so I’ve deleted it (read the deleted article here).

Did you try clicking the link?  I’m betting it didn’t work.  Remember, I told you I deleted that post.  Some people might have thought it was funny, but I didn’t like the post.  My blog – I get to delete whatever content I want!

Anyways, I’m suffering from a bit of writer’s block.  There are many kinds of blocks in this world.  Lego blocks are among my favourites, but there are also chopping blocks, wheel blocks, blocks of chocolate (also very nice), and if you know karate, there are also blocks of kicks and punches.

All of the above blocks serve a purpose.  Some good, some not so much.  Chopping blocks, for example, are quite useful if you are named ‘King Henry The 8th’ and aren’t allowed to divorce your wife…but not so good if your name is “Mrs. The 8th”.

Writer’s block is generally considered a bad thing.  I’m sure if you asked him, John Grisham would admit that he doesn’t make much money from writer’s block.

I currently have writer’s block when it comes to writing something humorous.  Sure, plenty of funny things happen all the time around me…just not sure how much of it is ‘blog worthy.’

So I’m writing about ‘writer’s block’…one of the more useless types of blocks out there.  Of course, there are other negative blocks:  Arterial blocks and road blocks come to mind (although “road block” is much preferable to “road rage”)…also those small wooden blocks with letters on them…if you have a grumpy kid who chucks one of them at your head…  Speaking of ‘blocks’ and ‘head’, I suspect that Charlie Brown considered the term ‘blockhead’ to be negative.

 So what do you do if you have writer’s block?  I wish I knew.  If you have constipation (another type of block), you can take medication for it.  I’m not sure that any pharmaceutical companies have developed a pill for writer’s block.  Maybe we should lobby the people at Pfizer to develop one! 

(for some reason, the previous paragraph has inspired me with the following bit of advice…”if your last name is ‘Meth’ or even starts with ‘Meth’, PLEASE don’t name your daughter ‘Crystal’.”)

Basically, what I’m saying here is that I have nothing to say here…and it only took me 436 words to do it in!


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