The Lottery

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“And the winning numbers for this weeks ‘LotsaDough Lottery’ are: 5,29,36,47,83…and the bonus number is….Lucky 13!!” intoned the voice on the radio.  The jackpot for this weeks lotto was in excess of 37 million dollars.  Money was something the Smythe family could certainly use.

Claire Smythe couldn’t believe her ears.  For the last 18 years, her husband, Robert, had purchased a ‘LotsaDough Lottery’ ticket faithfully every single week…and he always picked the same 6 numbers: 5,13,29,36,47, and 83 – the exact same numbers that the announcer had just listed off.  Robert was currently away on business, so he would just have to wait until he got home before she shared the good news with him.  Sure, she could call him on his cell phone, but the surprise would be so much better later on…and there was practically no way he would hear the numbers before getting home, as his business had taken him out of the country, and he never used his laptop for any purpose other than business.

“How can I surprise him?”  thought Claire to herself.  It didn’t take her long to come up with a few ideas.  She knew that Robert had been eyeing a brand new Hummer at the local dealership, so she went and put the down payment on their Visa.  Their credit score wasn’t the best, but who could care now?  As soon as her husband cashed in the winning ticket, they’d easily pay off any credit card debt.

“Now something for myself”.  Off she went to an upscale furniture store.  In the showroom, she found wonderful new furnishings for every room of the house.  She even found them on sale!  Sure, they had lots of money now, but why not stretch it as far as possible?  The only down-side was that, due to the sale, her purchase was non-refundable.  “Oh well,” she reasoned, “If Robert doesn’t like it, it won’t be that much of a hardship to replace it and donate this set to some needy family”

All day long she went from store to store, first buying something for her husband, then purchasing something for herself.  Not to leave the neighbours out of the celebration, she bought lavish gifts for everyone on her block!  By the end of the day, she had managed to make down-payments on over 2 million dollars worth of merchandise…her new diamond necklace alone was worth at least 1.6 million.

Claire was fit to busting, but she wasn’t going to spoil the surprise by calling Robert.  Let him see the new Hummer in the driveway!!

Four days later, (two days earlier than expected), Robert got home from his business trip.  Robert liked to surprise his wife too, so he hailed a taxi to take him home instead of calling his wife to pick him up at the airport.  When he arrived home, he wondered, “Who’s visiting Claire?  That’s one NICE looking Hummer!”  He was looking forward to seeing the look on his wife’s face, so instead of just going inside, he rang the doorbell.  Before long, Claire answered.  She took one look at her husband, and her face split into a grin from ear-to-ear.  “Who’s visiting, Dear?” he asked.  “Nobody, hon, why do you ask?”  “Well, who’s Hummer is that?”  That’s when Robert noticed the new furniture.  A bewildered look crossed his face and he asked, “What’s going on?  How can we afford this all?”

“WE WON!  WE WON!” Shouted Claire.  “They picked your numbers for ‘LotsaDough!”  The Hummer is ours!  The furniture is too!  I donated the old stuff to the local homeless shelter.  SURPRISE!”

“Yes.  Surprise indeed,” Robert replied.  “Claire, when did I leave on my business trip?”  “Two weeks ago.”  “That’s right.  And when did the lotto tickets go on sale?” “Um…last Friday?”  “Also correct.  I was out of the country when the tickets go on sale.  Did you purchase the ticket?”

Sheepishly, Claire had to admit that she had forgotten.


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