My wife and I have been thinking of getting our kids a few fish.  Now of course, aquatic pets require some sort of container to hold water.  So today we went to Wal-Mart.  We went to the pet supply section and were greeted with a stunning array of aquariums (at least 5).  We finally settled on a smallish tank for our smallish boys to put some smallish fish into.  My 7-year-old son thought the changing colour LED lights would be rather cool, and my younger son seemed to agree.  We put the cylindrical water containment device into our cart  and were just about to go on our way when (speaking of water containment) my 4-year-old son piped up, “Daddy, I have to go potty.”

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that when a 4-year-old says “I have to go potty” he probably means, “I’ve needed to go potty for about half an hour, but my ability to hold it is getting very weak”.  In other words, we need to find a potty, and we need to do it NOW!!

So I grabbed his little hand, and off we went to the men’s washroom while my wife and other son went in the opposite direction.

We got to the washroom, and I discovered that the one toilet in the men’s washroom was currently in use, and my 4-year-old son isn’t quite ready to use the other device found in men’s rooms.  We waited for a couple of moments, but then I thought to myself, “There’s a McDonald’s in this store.  I’ll just take him there!”  So off we marched to McDonald’s.  We got to the Wal-Donald’s only to discover – they don’t have a washroom as they can just use the Wal-Mart washroom.  So off we went back to the Walsh-Room.  Cubicle one of one was still occupied…fortunately not for long though.

Finally I was able to take my son into the confined place with a not-so-pleasant but oh-so-fresh aroma…and we even got there in time!

So…we had been in a store that’s only a couple of years old…at least 20 if not 30,000 sq.feet in size…a parking lot that holds about a thousand cars…and they had ONE STINKIN’ (pun intended) TOILET to serve the needs of all their male customers.  No wonder they can “roll back the prices”…they’re skimping on basic plumbing necessities!!

My love-hate relationship with that corporate blight known as Wal-Mart just moved a wee bit (a wee-wee bit?) closer to the “hate” side of the equation.


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