Dandelions – a poem by Bryan Ens

I like hippopotami, the way they just hang out.

I like hippopotami, they make me want to shout!

I don’t like hippopotami to be stuck in a zoo.

I like my hippopotami in a pot o’ my Hippo Stew!

I wrote this poem about a 15 years ago while employed as a dandelion extractor at a tree nursery.  When you have the thrilling task or pulling dandelion after dandelion out of the ground for 8 hours a day, with the hot sun blazing down on your back, you may just understand the situation that I was in.

The poor dandelions had done nothing to harm me, and yet here I was, systematically murdering them one by one.  The guilt (or possibly extreme boredom) began to weigh heavily on me, and so I coped as best I could by turning my reflections inward.  What did I find inside?  Hippopotami, apparently!  Yes indeed, the above poem about Hippopotami (the plural of Hippopotamus, of course) was, in fact, inspired by dandelions.  No drugs required…although in hind-site, I suspect that dandelions may be hallucogenic in nature – why else would I have been thinking so much about hippopotami?

The moral of this story?  Weed at your own peril!!


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