Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Vancouver 2010 – supposedly supposed to be the “Greenest Games Ever.”  I suppose that depends on what you mean by green!  The weather definately hasn’t been co-operating with those planning the games, as British Columbia has had a much warmer than average winter thus far.  Snow has been melting, and with no snow in the forecast, truckloads of snow are being brought in with the hopes that the mountains can be covered enough to hold skiing and snowboarding events.  One reefer load of snow isn’t going to cover a whole lot of mountain, so we’re talking hundreds, if not thousands of truckloads of snow. 

I, for one, think nature should be allowed to run its course.  I was looking forward to the new Olympic sports that were going to be born:  Downhill Skiing would become Downhill Swimming, Luge and Skeleton will become foot-first and head-first water slide races (respectively).

Personally, I’m most looking forward to watching the rock-skipping competion where the curling was supposed to take place!!


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