civic elections are coming up in just a few days in every community in Saskatchewan (the province in Canada where I live).  This is a time where each community member of legal age can go and cast a vote to determine who he/she wants to represent him/her on town/city council.  It’s an election…just like one would go out and vote for a president, prime-minister, congressperson, etc.

If you live in a dictatorship, or if your country is ruled by a king, you don’t get to vote, because your leadership is determined by military might or heredity respectively (sometimes both).

But however you slice it, whomever is in charge of your town/city/fief/shire/state/province/country…these leaders all have one thing in common.  They all have people who don’t like them.  (Don’t tell this to your leader if you live in a dictatorship, because dictators are, by their very nature, paranoid.  It is not usually advisable to feed this paranoia).

Upon realization that all political leaders have those who don’t like them (yes, that even includes Barrack Obama), I decided to study the word “politics” to find out why politicians are not universally loved.  Ever.  I discovered something very interesting:

The word “politics” is made up of two smaller words

Poly – meaning many


Ticks – parasitic arachnids that suck blood and can cause disease.


So…Politics literally means: “many parasitic arachnids that suck blood and can cause disease.”  Is it any wonder that not everyone likes them??


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