Bill Gates and the Olympic Torch

Today marked the lauch of Microsoft’s newest platform:  The creatively named “Widows 7”.  It follows the slightly poorer than disastrous product that they called “Vista”.  Since the launch of Vista, computer stores have been busy placating customers by “downgrading” compmuter systems to Windows XP.  No more!  Microsoft has finally launched a better program than Vista.  I have not previewed the new platform, but I can say with confidence that it is far superior to Vista.  Then again, The Eniac computer (1946) was superior to Vista.

Am I going to rush out to get the new operating platform?  Probably not…XP seems to be working sufficiently for my needs (and if I needed more, I’d probably just get myself a Mac).

In other news today, the Olympic Flame was lit today in Greece using a parabolic mirror and the sun’s own rays, beginning its trek to Vancouver Canada for the 2010 Winter Games.

What do these events have to do with each other?  It’s rumoured that Bill Gates was in Greece for the lighting of the flame.  He had with him all of the remaining copies of Vista, which he was going to ignite using the Olympic Flame.  Alas…it didn’t work.  Vista was of such poor quality, it wouldn’t even burn right!


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